Coffee and Coffins

Coffee in Coffins is a satirical publication for those who enjoy thinking, while maintaining an open, and often unique sense of humor. Coffee and Coffins symbolizes a dual rationale for not taking things as gravely serious as one often can- while still taking things quite seriously… For what can be more serious, than death and the perfect cup of coffee.

Co&Co wants readers to remember that they will not always be around to read, laugh, and debate- so they should– while they can. Someday, all of the joy will come to an end and before it does, one can have a fine cup of coffee, while reading our fine printed publication.

Coffee and Coffin’s mission is to offer light-hearted readers, unique spins on a variety of topics. Co&Co’s content can be deep, difficult, timeless, and heartfelt–though other pieces can be whimsical, simple, and only for the day. No matter the style, the intent is to always create humor.

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