I'm Gonna

I’m Gonna…

‘I do.’

‘I love you.’

‘I’m not going to smoke.’

‘I’ll call ya.

I’ll be there.’

‘I’m going to be a lawyer.’

‘Don’t worry I won’t tell anybody.’

We’ve all heard these phrases spoken, and we also know quite well, that those who say them, do not always take the action(s) they said they would. Now it’s your turn to do something you promised yourself, and write a book. Authors are supposed to write about what they know, and everyone is familiar with empty words. Promises. Promises.

I recommend you pose questions and then answer them for the reader. Were these people being truthful at the time they spoke? Does it matter if they don’t follow through? What is it that makes people say these things? Can they help saying things they will never follow through with? How, or why not? Is it lying? Is there a number of times a person can say something, and not follow through before it’s a lie– or does it only take one? Does this type of behavior impact friendship?

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