Living in Syllables

This is meaningless   

only words thrown into space    

Like all thoughts begin-

Never knowing first

I keep adding beginnings

And leave this one here


Nature keep me still 

Keep me internally free

Eternal spirit


Hold onto your grace

Allow your spirit to shine

Nature will abide

My work makes things right

routine consistent effort 

God’s grace I go on

Taking forever 

Only went in for one thing 

Happens every time 

Sun after the rain 

Rise after the fall once again

Daylight is for sure

My soul left body

But was not too far from reach

I breathed me back home

Fear of an old self

He jumped right into the front

I thought he was dead


Real unfocused thought 

What can rhyme with that, distraught? 

That’s why we edit



Bent in a hunch 

Pursed and ready to go now

Lost at the same time



Never a reason 

Though some of us walked away

They shot us all dead



Natural haiku 

Rhythm of the universe 

Write words that free us



My name is my name

My parents gave it to me

I think I’ll keep it



Bananas taste good

So why not enjoy a few?

But not all at once 



Quiet is the muse

Though he is very active 

Silent observer


Table top party house

Dancin’ shoes don’t fit no more

My toes they hurtin’



Natures window PAIN!

My eyes bleeding from the soul

Rip me from this life



knocking dreams from view

Putting one into focus

Now it’s time to run 



knocking dreams from view

Putting one into focus

Now it’s time to work 


Find a place to work

Quiet internal focus 

Now you are at peace



Trees stand in the grey

Still, frozen on the inside

Waiting for the spring



Eyes crust in the morn

My vision becomes unclear 

Senses inside grow



For the day is long

And the night she comes too soon

So I’ll sleep some more



i am rationale 

Though not always rational 

Speaking for myself 



I’ll stop trying now

You will never be better 

It is sad to see 


Decisions of you

Where you land and who you like

I don’t understand 


Son, as your father 

I feel I need to do more 

Like your wound is mine 


A wound you don’t see

But I feel I may have left

Guiding decisions 


Mending may not heal 

Or is it I who is blind? 

There may be no wound


Why then do you hurt?

Struggle so much in yourself

Anger comes from pain.


Or no fault of mine

Something that was built within

Nature not nurture 





May my morning strength 

Last the day through-  until

The night comes around 






Before thirty- four

It all seemed so strange- this world 

Now it is just weird 



my forsaken self

fetal alone far away 

Hiding in my mind



“Cock- a- doodle- doo

“Pizza”- she knows the rooster 

Up on the counter



golden sunsets fall

do what they’re supposed to do

Then i shall rise too


For the day the sun

Does not rise above the sea

That’s the end of me



New York October

Leaves that were green now turn gold

Rain ushers in cold


New York November 

Leaves continue to turn brown 

Rain ushers in cold


The voyage fruitless 

The journey is within me

Searching for a heart



For the new ideas

Built on the backs of the old

Ain’t a hole of beans




Stars and nebellula 

Cosmos and planets align

She will call your name



All that throwing mud

Left me crawling in a hole

Now i live in there



Sickness in the mind

Won’t fight the body’s disease 

Cure your inner soul

Fighting within me

Are are two animals of love

One says no, one yes



Always in balance 

Just trust that the time will come

Nature pay its bills



Humidity sweat 

Remove my impurities 

Prepare for the fall



Mystery abound

Though your direction is true 

Each day is brand new 


Look behind no more

You’ve now found a new way 

Nothing left to choose


History Plateau

Before it declines again

Find yourself a perch  



Poking fun at him

Laughter for us all today

But tomorrow tears

My inspiration

Internal forces loosen 

Invisible guides



Never looking back

He lived an analog life

No lessons were learned



Rib cage hold me in

Mornings i search for escape 

My soul wants freedom



A Daily Refrain

Practicing repetition 

Mountains are conquered  



Ashes we become

Still dust to blend with soil

End of a lifetime





Daily coffee roast

Routine drink I enjoy most

Let’s go get it done




Rearrange my mind

New Year’s Day Every Day Here

New plateaus to find



Piano Music

Brings the morning into light

Softly falling notes

Nature’s Solemn Soul

Perpetual Dignity 

Your heart holds us all


Night fatigue sets in

Quiet head becomes hazy

Time for some TV


Rays of bright sunshine 

Break through white clouds of azure skies

Bringing light to all



tree leaves blow around 

birds flying below grey sky 

Grass will soon be fed



motivation now

locomotive direction 

Non stop down the track 



A breath from heaven 

Crosses over me in the shade

Breeze in the summer 



Hot summer daze sun

You send us scattering round 

Mostly to the beach 



Old pit in my soul

No matter how you call out

I keep you at bay



Old pit in my soul 

No matter how you call out

A pit you shall stay



You won’t drag me in

No matter how you call out

Old pit in my soul



Expectations die

Exceeded by mystery 

Need no longer try


Ageless you may be

To try and deceive me now 

But to me your old

Creating patterns 

Fibonacci sequences

Shells, trees, flower, storms


Erratic hazes 

Teenage boy and his phases 

Those days are long gone



It all sounds so good 

Temptation you feed the mind 

Evil deeds of soul



Natural movement 

Decided by your mind’s soul

Choose your shoes wisely 



obsidian girl 

Your body is volcanic

Metamorphic rock



Silence those demons

Feed them your laughter and pain

Follow freedoms plea 



Creep along the ground 

Contemplate your life not sleep

Breathe but not too deep





Water running fierce 

Down onto the rocks below 

How silent you start 





Move right and I die

Move left and live one more day

Go straight then I shall


Remiss if i do

Doomed if i decide not to

Better then sit still

Haiku don’t apply

False wisdom in syllables 

Brevity you ain’t 



Her light intimate 

Burnt in her mind and her heart 

Her life eternal

Good bad and ugly

It is all democracy 

We are the people 

Weighed against the scale

Tethered to rules against mores

Finally break free

consistencies box

doesn't need a lid if you're


Routine simple thought

Keeping me on the right path

Piece by piece we grow 



Profitable talk 

Words in your mind before dawn 

Become what you think 


Smooth and on the move

One with music in your groove

Liquid state of you 



Patter of rain calms

But will soak suede green loafers

Stay in–     my slippers. 



Bright jewels tempt the eye

Worldly prisons cage the mind 

Take some pills to sleep

I hope all is well . 

Enjoy your day and weekend.

Stay safe and keep well

blank spaces deep breaths

Right into my minds center 


There is true freedom 

Coloring in given lines

With love style and grace 

Lamented sorrow

Pain that I used to enjoy

Grief will come again

Or it was never meant to be

Fractured into 3

Made to look like 2

Out in space online 

Drifting floating throughout cosmos 

While in my chair 

Don’t know how i look

this morning– just groovin round-

Music in my ear

Had some fear to pass 

Did not know-  it was disguised 

Under much laughter 

Standing still in time

Dreams supposed to pull me through?

My home is my world-


restrained from my love

invisible urges lure me 

pulling me toward her

who counts syllables

Who notices this line’s seven

the haiku–that’s who 

small western world night 

trek up the mountainside

blurry lines of light

Beautifully  Broken 

Across the vast ocean’s waves 

Love-Light now fading 

Concept delusion

Mass scale mental contusion

Now bruised to the bone

Woke on the wrong side–

Vision half baked in white light 

Toasted bread burnt black 

She wanted to dance 

Of course I agreed, only if

She’d let me lead

Unaccustomed deed

Received in the time of need

Swift kick to the groin

Caring Mother Earth

While few listen to your cries

Distant planets moan

Deep dark loving eyes 

how will you tell her what’s right 

you don’t know yourself? 

Waiting for an end

when none is clear in sight

best to recreate

Drops on a windshield 

And roof offer pleasant sounds

Waiting for pizza 

Worry not children 

Stand with love in the center

Pain hides from no man

This poem is for you 

Each and every word in it

No need to thank me-

Where are millionaires 

With superhero costumes

Now would be the time 

today it's for me

not for anyone, but me

hope you still like it

Bicycle in sand

Pedals pushed, Wheels turn and grind

Slow Motion in time 

Doctors need patients

Music Ears– Teachers Students

People Need People 

Too young for the truth

Too old for mother’s fiction

It is all the same

Freedom of what now

Is freedom worth dying for

Honor all at rest 

all we have is time

now they've come to realize

though this is not new

Harmonious Tide

Pulling back from the days end

The sun welcomes you

Ancient silver stone 

Wisdom in the morning sky

Another Grey Day

No peace in these words

Anger fueled by vicious hate 

A tornadoes wrath 

Anger breeds anger

If love reaches out a hand                             

 make sure you take it

Cotton covered mouth

Learning to smile with your eyes 

Too many cry for help

The price of winning

Is often more than losing

Is that why you played?

Circadian pulse

Slow this maddening April pace

Tame my inner beast 

Crank up the volume! 

Because the song ain't changin’

Adjust to the tune

Obsequious man

Slave to lies, heart’s bent senses

Details are your doom

Whisper in silence

To yourself, words for all man

Believe none of it

Whisper in silence

Resounding joy and sadness

Everything hears you 

Drinking turtle tears.                                    

radiant butterflies dance 

Don’t cry leather back! 

Sweat on my pillow 

An ocean from in my dreams

The salt from my tears 

The morning owl’s song

Backdrop to the peeking sun 

Usher in this day

Connecticut beach 

Over 15 years ago

Left my face behind 


Struggle sharpens faith 

Smooths jagged uncertainties 

Strength in knowing


Swirl pearl, diamond dust 

glistening gems, thoughts robust

Starry Skies– I don't trust

Merrily– Life is

a series of decisions 

and unbelievable scenes. 

Serling’s Maple Street 

Twain’s Huckleberry Finn 

Our humanity 

What if I never?

Doesn’t really matter anymore. 

Never really does. Never did. 

Obey and submit

Robots have taken over


New needle to thread 

interlacing direction–

Politic helix 

Back at home again 

The heart that is always here 

Is now larger still 

Recovery is 

Easier when you can look. 

In your newborns eyes 

Most I ever had

In fun that is -  was today

Until tomorrow

Sick with thought these days 

Makes haiku more difficult 

Less churns into more 

Old wooden toy box

Protect–with your heavy oak lid 

My toy xylophone 

History binds us

Yesterday to today 

Makes us who we’re are 

Birth decided fate 

Demographics plot the map 

Divided darkness 

Invest in yourself 

leave all you know behind

Gamble time, right now

History repeats 

But when does it ever stop?

When the sun is gone?  

my new Persian rug

fell upon my wooden floor

bare feet and naked sleep

the plastic bristles 

engage in daily grooming

ritualistic stroke

Sure could be easy

But then- what fun would that be?

None at all of course

with thousands of ways

infinite varied reasons  

and only two ends

When it comes to two

It’s not love for eachother 

It is love for life.  

with thousands of ways

infinite varied reasons

And only one end

I shot my brother

my twin but never the same 

I was always best 

Don’t question the darkness 

Same as you accept the light 

It is all part of one 

the stones in the grass

in the green fields of the past

burned and turned to ash

the stones in the grass

in the green fields of the now

burned and turned to ash

The lord only knows 

Long-awaited silent repose 

For all of the dead

no cooperation 

feelings of a boring day

smile and push through 

death comes at any time

morning night, old or in youth 

Are you ready now?

the perpetual song

the peaceful symphony 

plays through the darkness  

Bright burgeoning light 

everything is as seems

Life and dreams burst through 

For me it is real 

share red chocolate-filled hearts 

valentines day love


avoid negativity 

gotta go to work 

Beauty in all 

Everything that she is

She is my true wife

Beauty in all 

Everything that she is

I wish I knew her

beauty in all

everything that she is

She is one with God


Up worried at night

Thinking all is negative

You must change yourself

Up worried at night

Unable to see the light

All is– that is meant to be

Down under the sky

Evolving days, not one hue

Compromise with love

A Fortunate Love

Floating Among the Broken

On a grey morning

A lonely cloud

Stationary in the blue

My dreams tend to drift

odd days random thoughts

something exciting is 

cannot be sure what

Woke on the wrong side

Arms and legs are now scrambled 

And my eggs won’t crack 

Woke on the wrong side

Now my doors won’t open up 

And my knees don’t bend

On line for my gun 

Ready to kill for my needs 

‘if it steals– it bleeds 

Run in the morning 

Now my head’s a throbbing 

Time for some coffee 

Mornings Dark Coffee

The day is defined by you 

Calm before it starts 

Mornings Dark Coffee

The day is defined by you 

Thanks for all you do

no real sleep last night

groggy anticipation

eyes on the road!

Saturday Morning 

Always something to do

Monday back to work 

quite a bleak outlook 

but it depends how you see

no morning is dark 

The begin of all

What came first word or a cry?

I wasn’t around 

I write all my days

and I dream all of my nights

What I am to write

At my classroom desk

Feeling trapped in circumstance

I pick up my pen 

All work must be done

For time to finally free

New Philosophy

New life on the way

mysteries amazement 

beauties pure truth

The begin of all

What came first word or a cry?

I wasn’t around 

The truth in my life

Radiant light of God's hand

Bring me your blessings

You are now broken

Once were so beautiful

What is to become?

the beauty of the 

Of all their eyes really 

With just one look.

school can help you 

better fly your own sails

learn which way is up

My alarm goes off

awake and ready to go

have you seen my keys?

gracious morning

the euphoria is dormant

alive and ready inside

spontaneous night

no one knows where it will go

likely home to bed 

Friend or colleague 

Who says both cannot coexist

Business status?

Feel the birthday joy

You were brought onto this earth

Celebrate today 

God read me a poem 

Lord- sit us down on your lap

Teach us some new ways

Let’s now turn the page. 

It’s how the ignorant learn

Expressing all rage 

Been turning for years

No ignorant don’t ever change

Mandatory tears 

No one’s safe to pray

It’s how the ignorant learn

My son’s soul is gone

Like I beat my wife

When she don’t want to know right

Told her five years now

Nope still the same one

Took everything she owns too

Family friends all that stuff

White collars must pay!

Burnt that old church to the ground

Priest touch my first boy

Please beat me senseless 

It’s how I forget

Stone me with some rocks

Pillage and plunder

It’s how the ignorant learn

Watchin’ cities burn 

Vacant behind eyes

Innocent– he’s hear no more

My son’s soul is gone

All l want is you

My how it fades over time

Now I want the dime 

All I want is you

My how it fades over years

Now I wipe the tears 

Hide under your skin

The new day is to begin 

Yesterday recalls 

Greet the morning air

with songs of praise and worship 

Yesterday’s gone -  

Broken hopes for life

Walk the city streets till dawn

Curled on sidewalks now 

Nature thunders loud

muting gently falling rain 

There is no debate

Don’t know where you are 

Even though you are right here

Hope to see you soon

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