Eliminate Vulgarities from Your Everyday Speech

All too common people fall into speaking a casual vernacular on a more than regular basis.

Some will wish they hadn’t.

Others cultivate foul language in their verbal repertoire for a reason, but fail to keep it in much needed day-tight compartments. Nothing is worse than being in a business meeting and dropping a few harshly chosen words, when you only meant to compliment the bosses’ new tie. The historical trends of harsh language needs to be written - though to make this book one that needs to be written, and will be read- it should keep the context, that some cannot break the habit.

Write about hipsters, cultural outcasts, and comedians- (sometimes the three are one in the same). Write about those who've found success and paved the way for the usage of “curse words” and transition smoothly into speaking about why it's become such a widespread problem.

Ethnicity as it relates to the subject is always an added plus for a book like this- as well as a glossary of in appropriate words and terms, common and uncommonly used.

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