Hell is Anti Matter

The one true book about after-world existence has yet to be written...

A slew of books are being written about views of the after world, (some kid falls through the ice, dies for 15 minutes ,and sees God) but no book that relates to what we know of outer space is on the shel- and one needs to be written.

This is one is about the tight relationships between black holes, stars, anti-matter, explosions of stars, clusters of nebula– and how they relate directly to what happens to you after you're dead.

Anyone who can spin a quick scientific phrase, with a larger and more scientific vernacular than those who will read the book, would be best to write it.

The book’s ready to be read– when it's ready to be written.

The realities of becoming anti-matter by choosing a life of negativity, will send those who believe this type of stuff flocking to the shelves. Less than something must be hell, especially if eternal, and doesinvolved the souls of all humans.

Worst case, you give people something else not to believe in.

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