101 Fun Uses For a Microwave Oven!

This needs to come with an adult warning on the front, making it a great seller with the kids.

The controversy that is to follow will continue to aid you and your book sales, as your fame increases from publishing these radioactive and fun pages. You can and you will come on many television talk shows and defend your right to publish what you want!

With games such as “How Long ‘Til the Hamster Explodes”- “Go Ahead I Dare You to Heat a Lamp” - "Hide 'nd Glow" and Pacemaker Proximity" the book will be an instant success.

A bonus-pullout section– in every language– including tips on how to remove a microwave’s glass should be included.

While the advice here is short- remember these are only ideas. It is your job as the writer to take them where you mind sees fit.

My mind tells me this is where I stop. Enjoy-

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