Divided Sky

Right above you is a stripe of sky - to one side dark clouds, grey, and or black... to the other side clouds of light pink, and or white fill your view.

Right now, where you stand, under this divided sky, things could move in two very different directions.  If you choose to stay with the familiar, which can feel like the easier choice, you'll know what you're getting.  This is where you come in.  The sky cannot tell you which direction to choose. 

It knows you are split, but cannot make a choice for you.  

If more than half of your heart is telling you to stay... then stay.  If the opposite is true, and more than half is pointing to moving on.  Then go.  

The dark clouds represent an unknown, not a negative place.  If brighter horizons are what you seek under this divided sky, then this is what you shall find.

The divided sky is telling you a decision needs to be made, and it is the perfect evening to make it.